PSY3 – Aggression: Lesson 02

Social Learning Theory AO3

PSY3 Aggression Powerpoint.jpg

Teachers or students who want the original PPT please tweet @psychopepper

Learning Objectives

  • To KNOW and UNDERSTAND what Social Learning Theory is.
  • To APPLY this idea to explain human aggression.
  • To EVALUATE this theory in terms of its supporting evidence and critical commentary.
  • To CREATE an essay grid on the Social Psychological Explanations of Aggression.

Task One:

We tested how many SLT terms you could remember from the previous lesson.  It is important these are drilled and come naturally and quickly.

Task Two:

We discussed all the different ways you can evaluate and the importance of including a mixture of types in order to maximise the breadth of evidence and to achieve top marks.  We talked about the building block of evaluation and the need to carefully build paragraphs and essays to follow a line of argument.

Task Three:

We looked some possible AO3 points for Social Learning Theory and started to try and classify them into their types.  These are to be discussed at the start of next lesson.

PSY3 Aggression - Lesson 01 - SLTAO1 IL.jpg


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