PSY2 – Approaches: Lesson 1

Context and Introduction

This unit of work is essentially a trip through the history of Psychology. You will look at the dominant theorists and ideas in the subject during our foundation from 1880 until the present day.  The aim of the unit is to get a detailed understanding of the core ideas and to be able to track whether Psychology (both now and in the past) has the credibility of the other sciences by deciding if each approach meets the criteria for science.


Teachers or students who want the original PPT please tweet @psychopepper

Learning Objectives

  • To KNOW and UNDERSTAND what the origins of Psychology are and the history of our discipline.

Lesson Outline:


  1. Discuss the philosophical roots of Psychology as a class.
  2. To take notes in booklet, on the impact each of these philosophers have had on the formation of Psychology as a unique discipline.
  3. Prepare the bones of a timeline of the important events in the history of Psychology that can be added to as we progress through the course.  Use BPS Origins Website.

Study Notes – History of Psychology:



I would suggest that you have a copy of one of the textbooks which will allow you to read around the subject matter, pre-read ahead of lessons or even take extra notes/practise questions afterwards.  I would recommend the following (you do not need to replicate books, one of each type is plenty!)


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